Pixplate HD Metal Print Steel Chromaluxe

Metal prints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal prints, the results are outstandingly clear and vibrant with exceptional detail and resolutions. You’ve never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed.
Pix Fulfillment offers high quality photographic work and ensures print quality and durability. High gloss, the colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Using the products of the world leader in sublimation metal printing, the photos, pixalus images are incredibly sharp and intense. Like many artists and photographers renowned for their exhibitions and galleries, we have chosen metal printing.


A Pixplate is a high definition printing on an steel plate.

A modern look, breathtaking colours.

Steel panels are extremely durable and offer the ability to customize dry erase boards with logos, artwork or photography. Because images are infused directly into specially coated sheets of steel, our material offers unsurpassed color vibrancy, exceptional detail, color resolution and print permanence.

High Definition printing with high gloss finish and 3D depth.

Available in an internationnal size : A3 - 29,7 cm x 42 cm in high gloss finish to meet the demand of any application that always offers a vibrant and unmatched image reproduction. The 3D depth of the image provided by this substrate is resistant to fading and offers exceptional detail and color resolution.

HD Metal Print fade resistant - PIX Fulfillment 

Fade Resistant

The latest fade testing shows that our prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage.

Moisture resistant HD Metal Print - PIX Fulfillment

Moisture Resistant

Our specialty coated prints are resistant to moisture, making them the perfect choice for any environment.

Flame resistant HD Metal Print - PIX Fulfillment

Flame Resistant

All PIX Fulfillment plates meet ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke development.

Chemical resistant HD Metal Print - PIX Fulfillment

Chemical Resistant

The chemical resistant aluminum surfaces can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone or any all-purpose cleaners.

Scratch resistant HD Metal Print - PIX Fulfillment

Scratch Resistant

Unique substrates and coatings provide incredible scratch and abrasion resistance.

Color Brilliance HD Metal Print - PIX Fulfillment

Color Brilliance

Images are infused directly into our specialty coated metal sheets, creating unsurpassed color vibrancy and resolution.

PixFulfillment - Magnetic


Easily removable and reusable, with no permanent attachment you can ensure portable use with no damage to the attached surfaces.


Material :


Formats :

  • Rectangular


  • Format A3 : 29,7 cm x 42 cm

    Finish : 

    • White base metal print : White Gloss

      Hanging Systems

      • Magnet mount


      • 0,58 mm / 0.023"


      • 600 g


      • Format A3 : 29,7 cm x 42 cm : 30,37 € excl. Taxes

      Shipping Pricing

      • France Métropolitaine : 8,95 € / additional unit : 1€
      • Europe (Except Switzerland) : 9,90 € / additional unit : 4 €
      • Rest of the World : 18 € / additional unit : 8 €


      • Plate : 600 g
      • Magnet : 50 g
      • Package : 400 g


      Production & shipping time

      Waiting time : 36h-48h before production in case the customer withdraws or wishes to change the delivery address or his order. This period may be shortened.

      A produced order will be due.

      Production time : 1-2 working days. Printing + packing + sending to the carrier

      Delivery times : 

      France: 2 working days
      Overseas: 2 to 5 working days
      Rest of the world: 6 to 12 working days

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