Pixalu - HD Metal Print - Finishes

Our Chromaluxe aluminum panels are lightweight, durable, made with recycled material and 100% recyclable. Metal prints are the perfect medium for displaying artwork and photography in a variety of applications from residential to commercial usage.


White base metal print

An extremely popular choice for users seeking a unique and sleek alternative to traditional printing materials. Available in three finishes to meet the demands of any application.

White Gloss  White Semi-Gloss White Matte
Chromaluxe White High Gloss - PIX Fulfillment Chromaluxe White Semi Gloss - PIX Fulfillment Chromaluxe White Matte - PIX Fulfillment


Silver base metal print

The silver base option allows the natural finish of the aluminum to appear through images and provides a unique look. Available in gloss finishes to meet the demands of any application, high gloss clear is an excellent choice for unique imagery.


Clear Gloss  Clear Semi-Gloss Clear Matte
Chromaluxe Clear Gloss - PIX Fulfillment Chromaluxe Clear Semi Gloss - PIX Fulfillment Chromaluxe Clear Matte - PIX Fulfillment



Sub-Frame Profile

Add depth and rigidity by attaching a Sub-Frame to the back of your Printed Panels.

  • A secure method for hanging our Printed Panel, ChromaLuxe.
  • Supports large and flexible Printed Panels
  • Spaces Printed Panels away from the wall, creating an eye-catching shadow or 'floating effect'

Thickness of 20 mm in satin silver aluminium, mounted and glued to the back of the work with a high-performance adhesive.


Art Frame profile

Give a refined finish with an aluminium Art Frame, where the rebate hides the panel edges.

  • 35 mm thick in black anodized aluminium or satin silver, the work is mounted and glued with a high-performance adhesive.


Tray frame profile

Frame in a contemporary style by creating a shadow gap between the panel and the frame.

This form of framing, highly appreciated by artists and photographers, gives an effect of depth and relief accentuated by the emptiness created around the work.

  • American SLIM 20 mm thick box in black anodized aluminium or satin silver, mounted and glued with high-performance adhesive.

Mounting rail

A universal fixing rail FIX-TC is the width of each work is installed from 80 cm plate width.

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